In the Kit: Highlighters and Brushes 

When I was deciding what highlighters to purchase for my kit, I really did not know where to begin. There are so many good ones on the market, but I wanted something that was versatile but could also give a radiant glow. I set out to research various highlighters and kept in mind ones that I carry in my personal arsenal. I was looking for something with a sheen but not too glittery, or too dull. 

Firstly I went to my makeup artist role model to see what she was using. I narrowed down her list to the cruelty to free products, and realized that I was using them myself, so I wasn’t afraid to purchase them for my kit. My first purchase was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Moonstone. I bought this shade for two reasons, 1. I love Becca highlighters. And 2. I had recently purchased the Shimmering Skin Perfector Glow on the Go set for my personal use, and I really loved how it melted into my skin. 

However, this set was in the shade Opal, which is a slightly darker shade. I have combination/oily to normal type skin and texture sometimes on my cheek bones. So it is hard to find a highlighter that doesn’t make me look oil slicked and bumpy. But low and behold Becca has created the perfect consistency. I also have tried this highlighter out on my sister, who has dry skin and it applied so well and didn’t look patchy. I decided to go with Moonstone for my kit, even though it is on the lighter side, it is still is a versatile shade that is complimentary to various skin tones. This shade has deep gold flecks sprinkled throughout so it can really adjust to darker or lighter tones. Eventually I will purchase different shades, but I thought this was a good starting point. 

I saw Lisa Eldridge decanting this product, so I decanted this product. *chuckles* I went to the Container Store and got a good decanter that had a secure lid. This was sound advice because when I first used this product on a client, the pump dispensed way too much product. Decanting the product allows you to have a more precise distribution of product. 

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector & Highlight Brush

For powder highlighter, I knew exactly what I was going to purchase. I purchased the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. I have the Dim Light shade in my personal kit ,and I LOVE it. It has one of the most natural finishes as far as highlighters go. It is extremely undetectable on the skin. Whenever I use this product I feel like I just had a face lift, and in a society focused on looking younger, who doesn’t love that?

Not only does this palette contain three shades suitable for a wide range of skin tones; but the matte finish with the slightest amount of shimmer really is flattering on various skin types as well. I can use this on mature skin, textured skin, smooth skin, the list goes on. Also since it isn’t noticeable when applied, this can be used for men’s grooming as well. This palette is suitable for a variety of looks, so I thought it was the most economical purchase to start out in my kit. Plus the packaging is gorgeous. 

The brush that I use to apply my liquid highlight are really special to me, I have had them for a long time: my fingers! *chuckles again* The warmth from my finger tips really allows for a more natural finish, plus I can blend it better. At times I will use my synthetic BH cosmetics 102 brush  but really just to apply it, but I always work the product in with my ring finger. 

For my powder highlighter, I mostly use the Sigma Fan F41 brush, from their ethereal radiance kit. I love the way this applies highlight. It deposits a concentrated amount of pigment, while the large fan can also sweep the product for blending. 

For both products I use the Real Techniques Setting brush to diffuse the products edges using my translucent setting powder. If I feel that I applied too much or too harsh of an applications, I can fix it by doing this. 

Highlight Brushes: BH Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, Real Techniques

So these are the highlighters that I currently have in my kit. Leave some comments about your favorite highlighters, brushes, and techniques that you use! Also leave me some recommendations of posts you would like me to create! 

Until Next Time, 


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