How I Learned: Bridal Makeup 

My sister’s friend got married this past weekend, and I was honored to do her makeup for the special day! Let’s start about by discussing how I got the gig. Back in the summer when my sister first mentioned that she suggested I do the makeup for it and that the bride, Jen, had accepted the idea; a myriad of emotions crossed my mind! Firstly, I was very humbled to be considered, secondly I freaked out! Bridal is a big deal, there is a lot of responsibility and since I am just starting out I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. I mean, this is the makeup that she will remember for the rest of her life! Talk about pressure! But I accepted the offer regardless of my fears and I got into learning. 

Me, Jen, and my sister all hung out one day during the summer, and I took the chance to really study her face and asked her some questions. We spoke about her normal to dry skin, and that she doesn’t typically wear makeup other than mascara. I also noticed that she has a hooded eye shape and amazing bone structure. Jen gave me a reference photo to base the look off of. It was a beautiful look featuring a winged liner, a full strip of lashes, and glitter. I thought about her eye shape and her mention of how she typically doesn’t wear makeup. So we spoke about toning the look down a bit so her natural beauty would shine through. I wanted her to be able to look back at her wedding photos in 10 years and still recognize the woman in them. She completely agreed and felt she could do without the winged liner, but wanted to keep the lashes and glitter. So we also spoke about using individual lashes to make her lashes look fuller but still natural. Luckily Jen was really receptive to my advice on this, she was such an amazing bride to work with for my first time. 

With all of this in mind, I had a lot of research to do before the makeup trial in September. First I started out by researching a hooded eye and learned the technique on how to make them appear bigger and more lifted. I also needed to research lash application . I was really nervous about this, I knew this was definitely a weakness of mine, because I never use false lashes on myself. Fortunately for me, my amazing sister let me practice this on her. With all my research I felt super confident and ready. I knew exactly how I was going to do the look and what eye shadows I would use. This is how it came out:


Overall the makeup trial went well, and Jen was super happy with it. For the eyes I used an ABH eyeshadow in Gleam and my Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette. Unfortunately my idea of toning it down was too toned down, but that’s what trials are for! She wanted actual glitter rather than shimmer, and she wanted her lashes to be fuller. For the lashes I used the Ardell Individual Lashes in medium and short. I used the Duo lash adhesive to apply them. I started out with short on the ends and medium in the middle, and then ended with short towards the inner corners. 

After the Trial, I set out to work. I first purchased a more opaque lip gloss, since she preferred gloss over lipstick. The one we used for the trial didn’t show up well in photos, so I found a better one. Next, I decided to use the medium lashes on the ends of her lashes and apply the short towards the middle/inner corner, and would fill in any gaps with short lashes if needed.

So that was all set, the hardest challenge was finding the cosmetic grade glitter. I first went to Sephora and swatched some of the UD Moondust pressed and liquid eyeshadow. They were beautiful but didn’t have enough glitter. I then went to Ulta and saw the NYX glitter, I should note that the decor of her wedding included Rose Gold, so we wanted that to be reflected in her eye look. The NYX glitter that they had in the store were either too silver, or too bronze. They were sold out in their rose gold tone and I had been finding NYX online ordering unreliable at that time (items I ordered shipped successfully after that), so I didn’t want to take the chance on it. I decided to look elsewhere for some glitters and check back on a shipment of their glitter at Ulta, if I had to.
I first took to YouTube and learned how to apply glitter from the Glitter Queen herself, and saw that Jaclyn used the OCC glitter. So I went online and ordered beige  and spark. I also went to Sephora and purchased the Too Faced Glitter Glue, which really makes the glitter last. When the glitter arrived, I swatched the two and also created a mix of them both. Jen felt that the mix was better,  as it created a really beautiful rose gold sparkle. I also looked back at the trial photos, and noticed that the eyeshadow I applied was a little too dark and it closed her eyes up a bit. To fix this, I decided to first apply a light shadow to set the primer, and darken the crease to her liking as I went. We also decided to get a waterproof version of her favorite mascara, because: tears.

OCC glitters, Ardell lashes, and ABH shadow
Table Set Up

On the Big Day, I was SO nervous. I had written down my plan of action and I had all my supplies, but I was mostly nervous about the time. Luckily I was able to set my table up, and mix my foundation, concealer, and glitter before she arrived. Despite my nervousness, everything went really smoothly. I knew she was nervous so I kept my cool and remained focused. Jen was very happy with how it came out, as was her husband! I was so lucky to have the opportunity to do this, and to share this special day with such amazing and loving people. While I am not sure I want to pursue a makeup career in bridal, the experience was unforgettable and it was such great opportunity to learn more techniques and step out of my comfort zone. Here’s how the makeup came out, and be sure to be on the look out for the professional shots coming soon!

Beautiful Bride- eyes open
Beautiful Bride -eyes closed


Until Next Time, 


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