In The Kit: Foundation and Brushes

When I first started building my makeup kit, I thought long and hard about what foundation I should purchase. I knew I needed a good shade range, but I also wasn’t sure about the finish I should get. I read this article on Beautylish  about kit building and saw them mention the RCMA VK 11 Palette. I remember first learning about this product from Kandee Johnson when she used this to transform into different celebrities. I also saw a video Wayne Goss posted about kit essentials and I decided to buy this palette so I would have a wide shade range. 

Before I used this palette I watched a video by Kevin James Bennett, which thoroughly explained how to use this palette. I was so nervous the first time I used it on a client, and I definitely didn’t warm up the product enough, I also didn’t fully understand the color range. Now as I have practiced on different skin types, I have learned how to use it better but I still have area for improvement. 

What I love most about this product is that I can use this for base and I can shade and highlight the skin as well. Instead of lugging around all these foundations and concealers, this compact palette is light weight and all in one. During my research I learned about how a little amount goes a long way and that is very true. You can spread this product out evenly across the skin with just a small amount. The product also looks like skin, the finish is incredible and undetectable. The reason you can use such a small amount is due to the high pigmentation of the product. By using a small amount it may look like you don’t have full enough coverage for photos or film, but in once you see it in photos, your skin looks perfect. I personally don’t enjoy wearing a lot of foundation as I often feel mask-like when I do. This foundation is very natural and refined which allows your clients to feel confident in their skin, while still getting the coverage they may need. 

As I mentioned this palette can be used for concealer, highlighting, and contouring. This palette also has various add ones you can buy to further extend the versatility of this palette. In my kit I have the RCMA Foundation Adjuster Palette which I can use to customize any shade in the VK palette, or create my own shade all together. I can use this for color correction or special effects, the possibilities are really endless. The finish of this palette is slightly more dry than the foundation palette, so warming up the product is super important. I will soon be purchasing other add ones but for now I am content with the the adjuster palette. Now lets talk about application:

RCMA VK 11 and Foundation Adjuster palettes

First I take a look at my model or clients skin, and take notice of the undertones, skin type, and any pigmentation on the skin. From there I pick shades that I find will work and mix them. I use a spatula and palette tray for this and mix the colors into one shade. Then I slowly warm up the skin using my ring finger making sure that the product is creamy and smooth. If you rush the warming process, you will notice that it is harder to blend into the skin, so really take your time with this step. After that I test it on the skin and see if I need to lighten or darken the foundation. What’s great about the pigments in this product, is that you don’t have to start from scratch with the mixing since you are the one controlling the undertone. 

After I get the color matched I dab on the product in the center of the face with what is left on my ring finger. I use my Morphe Vegan Foundation Brush to apply a thin even coat all over the skin. I use the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush to buff and blend this so it is undetectable. I use this alternating brush method all over the skin so that the foundation looks really clean and natural. 

From Left: Sigma P82, Morphe Concealer, Morphe Foundaton, Sigma F80

For concealer I mix a shade that is either one or two shades lighter than the foundation I mixed. After it is mixed I use the same warming method and use my finger to tap on concealer under the eyes, under or around the nose and other areas I feel need to be lightened. I use my Morphe Vegan Concealer Brush and tap it onto the areas and make sure it is is evenly placed. I use my Sigma P82 Precision Round Brush, to buff and blend and make sure that the concealer is blended into the foundation and their isn’t a harsh contrast between the two shades. I also will use this color to pin point any areas with pigmentation such as a blemish. 



Once that is done I may take a contour shade to define the cheek bone, lips, nose, or forehead depending on the look that I am trying to achieve. I use the flat concealer brush to apply this color and will blend it seamlessly into the foundation. I use what product remains on the Morphe foundation rush and the F80 kabuki to help blend the colors. This really helps so that it looks naturally shaded on the skin.

RCMA VK 11 and Foundation Adjuster palettes

I hope you guys enjoyed my first segment of my ‘In the Kit’ series. Foundation is such an important product for a makeup artist. Having a product that allows you to work with so many skin tones really increases your availability for jobs. So I am very happy with my decision to buy this product. Let me know what products you have for your kit! 

Until Next Time, 

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