Here’s the skinny: Skin Care routine

I am going to share with you guys my skin care story. Let me preface this blog by explaining that I never realized how important it was, until pretty recently. I was like Carrie Bradshaw when she realized that all her friends back up their computers. You mean you cleanse AND moisturize?! When I was in high school and college I would NEVER wash my face, let alone take my makeup off. I rocked raccoon eyes every time I rose from the dead and stumbled into brunch. So attractive. I occasionally used witch hazel, but overall that was it. While doing this for several years my skin surprisingly wasn’t terrible, but as a I aged my neglect definitely caught up to me. 

My pores definitely were more clogged than before, and they looked bigger too. In terms of breakouts, I didn’t have too many other than your typical hormonal flare up. My first mistake for skin care was going to the drug store and purchasing any old cleanser. I bought Cetaphil, I know it has a cult following, but for me it did not work. Cetaphil really dried me out, and of course at this time I wasn’t using a moisturizer, so not only did I get oilier skin, but my clogs also filled up even more. So in a panic, I changed up my routine….frequently. I tried sooo many cleansers that I can’t even begin to name them. I also started using different moisturizers, without paying attention to what they were meant to do. Now obviously this method didn’t work and my skin just remained the same. I also didn’t use a product long enough to actually see if they could work. 

Fed up, I stopped using all products and did the cave man routine for a few months. I did take my makeup off at night, but other than that nothing touched my skin, besides water. I took that time to research about skin type and cleansing methods, and I gathered a better knowledge of what I should be doing. I discovered that I have sensitive and normal to oily type skin. So from what I learned, I needed to use products that were fragrance free, and I needed to make sure my skin was hydrated to prevent oil from breaking through. Now that I have a better understanding, these are the products I use for my current skin care routine: 

Morning routine:

Morning Cleanser
I start out by using my Pacifica cleanser first thing in the morning. I keep this in my shower and use it last so that way any shampoo or conditioner residue isn’t left on my skin. I purchased the Quinoa Sensitive super gentle face wash, for my sensitive skin. There is a fragrance in it, but this a vegan product that uses materials that aren’t harsh. 
Eye Cream
Morning Moisturizer

Next I dab Lush Enchanted Eye Cream underneath my eyes. I use my ring finger and lightly pat it under my eyes. After that I use the Trader Joe’s enrich moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF. This is a non comedogenic product meaning that it won’t clog your pores. This was a huge discovery for me, because when I was cycling through different moisturizers I didn’t know what this term was so I wasn’t looking for it in my skin care, which definitely made my pores even more clogged. 
Evening Routine:

Evening Cleanser
I take off any make up that I have, I won’t list what I use right now because I am still searching for a good makeup remover (suggestions welcomed). First I spritz Lush’s Tea Tree Water on my face, this stuff is great! I really love their products, for a while I was using their Breath of Fresh Air. and that was great too. I switched to the Tea Tree Water since I was having more breakouts. After that absorbs into my skin, I put Thayer’s Witch Hazel on a cotton pad and get rid of any dirt on my face. I usually start in the center of my face and work outward. 

Evening moisturizer

After that I again apply the Lush eye cream. All over my face I apply the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream I love the consistency of this, it is a thinner formula but really provides great hydration. I like to rub this into my skin and then press it so it really soaks in. 

Essential Oil Mixture
During the winter, I use a tea tree and lavender essential oils diluted in jojoba oil. The extra dryness in the winter tends to clog my pores so I apply this before I use my night cream and it really works. It also keeps my skin from producing extra oil to make up for the drier skin I experience during the winter. 
Face masks are the only thing that I take risks with, because I know that I can go right back to my skin care routine. If I am trying a new product, I keep the rest of my routine the same and won’t try any new products until about a month or two. Skin care is so important, especially for applying makeup it really makes the difference for application. I am glad I finally learned more about it, because I often find myself sharing this information with my clients. It also is a really enjoyable time for me to get some self care in. I try to be mindful while I do it, and getting that time to yourself twice a day is really relaxing. Let me know what products you enjoy! 
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